Friday, July 13, 2012

I was talkin' to my bro, Mello, about the comfort level certain Jordans really have. One in particular was the Jordan 8's. You talk about a pair of kicks designed like a European car. The detail was incredibly rich on the 8's, with color that really stood out on a sneaker. Nobody else was designing like Tinker Hatfield.
When you slipped on the 8's, it was something so special about it. The way it felt on your feet, you would only imagine how Jordan felt wearing them. The comfort level on these are a 10, because you could rock these all day. If you had the O.G. Aqua joints like me and Mello had, then you know you was hard-pressed to see a crease in those 8's. They kept their shape and stayed FRESH! If we could ask the Boys in Beaverton to bring back the magic, it would be the Jordan 8's.   Cali "O"  #TeamKickGame  #FlashBackFridays

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