I'm Biz-ack!! (Thank You KG Viewers)

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Whats goodie #TeamKickGame WOLRD WIDE!.. I hope everybodys havin a great summer so far. I'm feelin great the family's great. I've been off the scene for a minute but now I'm back & ready to go. The sneaker game lookin like we need to restore order outchea!.So are we seriously camping out for every single Air Jordan release (Every Two Weeks)?. I like the "Sock Game" shit goin on however wearing socks that go up to your thighs isn't cool. At least where I'm from.Is it me or ever since the "Galaxy Foamposites" dropped now every mom & pop/ Arab sneaker store  have gone crazy with their prices on Foams?.
Right now I'm just doin what feels good in my soul. I forgot how good a fresh pair of "White On White AF1's" feel on ya feet. Haha KickGame!.

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