Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chris Lighty was from the Bronx. He started out carrying records and bags for Jungle Brothers. He became a part of the Native Tongues movement with Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, and De La Soul. During that time, Chris started Violator Management, along with DJ Red Alert, were simplly  called "The Violators".  
Violator Management gained momentum, managing some of the biggest artists on the New York Hip-Hop scene. Mona Scott-Young, who was a dancer for Black Sheep, was managing TrackMasters, when she joined her longtime friend Chris in taking Violator even further. Chris went on to handle careers of 50 Cent, Busta, Missy, Diddy, and Mariah Carey. Chris Lighty will always be remembered as a pioneer of Hip-Hop, and a cool cat from around the way that always kept it real. Chris Lighty was 44.

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