Thursday, August 30, 2012

It was January 25th, 2008, marking the 23rd year of the most iconic sneaker in history. Michael Jordan's number 23, also signified the legacy in the 23rd installment of the Air Jordan line. The XXIII's were made different, and Nike innovator Tinker Hatfield, was sitting at the helm.
The XXIII's were the first to embody the "Nike Considered" technology, made with "Green" materials, as Nike and Jordan Brand thought about ways to keep from harming the earth. The full-length Zoom Air and memory foam for superior comfort, and a light, breathable tongue to keep the foot cooler. Michael's fingerprint was placed at the back of the tongue and on the sole, letting you know His Airness is "leaving his mark on the game". Besides his signature along the top toe panel, it was the 3-D stitching that really caught the eye. The handcrafted stitching was rich, and full of detail.
The structure and ingenuity of the midsole, shaped like a diamond gem, that let you understand the GREATNESS that went in to this shoe. The XXIII was far from ordinary. Jordan never got to play in these, and unfortunately, I slept on these at the time of its release. I hope Jordan Brand thinks about a retro, because the XXIII's are definitely a significant piece of HISTORY.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #KickGameForReal

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