Sunday, December 30, 2012

People including my family & friends always ask me "Why do you still buy albums?".. Well the #1 reason is support. I know dudes who will argue with a whole barbershop about their favorite artist. The when the same artist drops album they're bumpin the bootleg.

When I'm having a stressful day I put on my favorite song (at that time) & zone out. For 3-4 minutes I forget all about whatever it was that was stressing me. Plus now a days they have all kinds of specials when you buy the album the first week. Me & Dane Cody bought the Deluxe "Life Is Good" CD & we were 2 of 200 people who received a rhyme book autographed by NAS himself.

My point is SUPPORT your favorite artist. You'll spend that $15 bucks on coffee & donuts.

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