Tuesday, March 26, 2013

               The London campout for the Jordan 88's....
...and here they are!! Hahahaa! U already know, we don't wait in line! The way we move is just different. I went in and politic'd wit my dude Henry for about an hour and a half the day before. We both respected each others vast knowledge on kicks. It is also because Henry kept it so G, I had my "88's" on the side waiting when I went in after the rush. 
When you move a certain way, it doesn't matter where you are. New York, London, Dublin, Milan. The sneaker culture is a universal language. People are going to judge you by what you have on your feet. When Henry first met me, he might've thought I was some "bloak" who wanted to get up on the latest kicks. This is because it was raining, and I rocked my Timbs. After I opened my mouth and started hittin' him with the flagrance (like me and my brother Mello do) he understood that I wasn't new to this. He knew from the first 2 minutes I was somebody different. 
Alot of so-called sneakerheads think that buying all the retros make them a part of this. It doesn't. It is the passion, from the beginning, that takes you through each layer of what we do. To be blessed to travel throughout the world, and buy kicks from different walks of life, is who I am. I respect those who are just like me. 
Mello, who is my REAL BROTHER and CEO of KickGame DVD, is my twin. We think alike, and we speak without speaking. I learn from him, as he does from me. Mello refueled my passion for this years ago, and I thank him for that. It is that same passion that allows me to bring KickGame DVD with me everywhere I go. This trip opened my eyes to the European side of our culture. It's a learning experience that we are one in the same. The desire that drives us. 
Enough said. My last post before heading back. Cheers.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #WeEverywhere #InternationalO #IDoItForMyDawgs

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