Sunday, March 31, 2013

                             My Hotel, the 5-Star St. Ermins
                          No car today, doin' it the "New York Way" ridin' the "Tube" (train)
                           On our way to Oxford Circus, home of the largest NikeTown in the world!
                        Fresh off the "Tube", this is what it looked like! 5 Floors of GREATNESS!

       I went straight to the 3rd Floor so I could see what MJ's floor had in store!
  The entire collection up to 2011 is encased right in the center of his massive collection here.

    Yes, London has two Westfield Malls, both with Nike Stores! This one was in White City, but I also hit the one on Mile's End, close to Olympic Park (home of the London Olympics 2012)
       Two floors of greatness, but no basketball section! An entire Air Max section, Free Run, Tennis (the new Agassi shoe on deck), and womens freshness. They do it different out here!

 On my second trip to NikeTown, I spotted a dude comin' out rockin' the Corks, and stopped him in the middle of traffic to snatch a flick!

                     Leaving NikeTown to hop back on the Tube with my second pick-up....

                     Yes! Only in London, at the largest NikeTown in the world, can you politic (shout to Henry), and leave the country with the "Knicks" Jordan 1's, the OG XIII's (one of my all-time favorites), and the Jordan III's "88's". It was worth the trip!
               One of the most exciting trips I've been on around the world, London is the place closest to us where they understand our sneaker culture. Whatever is fire over here, they know about it! They saw ddudes campin' over here for the Yeezy's, the LeBron "Corks", the "He Got Game" OG XIII's, and they camped out as well. 
I didn't think I would meet dudes over there that had a knowledge of sneakers like I did. It was crazy talking to somebody who knew about releases from way back in '97, who owns a pair of Carnivores, who understands the history behind the "Bred" XI's. We went through different chambers of Air Force 1's, Jordan's, Nike Dunks, and SB's! In fact, they call the "Skunk" SB's "shoe crack" out there! They know what time it is.
In part two, I'll show you a little more of London, and what people had on their feet. I noticed among the teenagers, Vans was the choice of kicks. Dudes in their 20's and up rocked Jordans, or some form of Nike shoe. If the weather was more cooperative, and gave us a little more sun, I could've really turned it up out there. But there is always next time. Shout to Shells Berry, who told me about Camden! Very official! I got too many flicks, but I'll sort it out and drop some in my next post. Stay Tuned!  Cali "O" aka International "O" #TeamKickGame #WeAllOverTheWorld

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