Monday, March 25, 2013

            Brooklyn's own Joe Johnson's sneaker collection

                Killa Cam's sneaker collection

             Stephen Jackson's sneaker collection

            Chris Brown's sneaker collection

                                Big Boi's sneaker collection

                  J.R. Smith's sneaker collection

                         CP3's sneaker collection

                       D. Wade's sneaker collection?
Aside from Dwayne Wade's "collection", there are alot of celebrities and athletes alike with massive sneaker collections. Although alot of athletes would not be considered a "sneakerhead" because they get  95% of their kicks for free, it is still interesting to see what they have behind the lock and key. 
This is only part 1, but Joe Johnson of the Brooklyn Nets has the most clean and organized sneaker collection. Joe is a Jordan Brand player, but his collection goes far beyond Jordans. We see the street-coveted Carnivores, The "City" collection of Air Force 1's, and some OG Jordans as well. Another ill collection above is the Knicks' own J.R. Smith. His Jordan collection is extensive, as we see the OG "Last Shot" XIV's, The OG XX's, along with the OG and retro XIII's. 
Clippers' point guard Chris Paul is another Jordan Brand player who gets all his kicks for free, but his collection is still amazing. Alot of his kicks are retro releases, but I spotted a couple nice P.E.'s in there as well. Take a look at CP3's first pic above. If you count 3 spaces over from the right, and two shelves down from the very top, you'll see a rare pair of PE Jordan XIII's sitting all by themselves. They must be special! D-Wades collection gets an honorary mention, as we see the Jordan V "3M" Pack in the back row, as well as the True Blue III's amongst the others. Perhaps he should invest in some shelves? I'm just sayin', it would be alot easier to sort through! Ha! Part two, we'll explore the collections of Carmelo, DJ Skee, and Nate Robinson, who has a ill collection as well. Stay tuned! By the way, posting live from Europe is #JustDifferent.   Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #InternationalO

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