Wednesday, March 13, 2013

There's a whole saga behind these joints right here. When these dropped back in '97, I was at work and wasn't sure if they would have my size by the time I got off. I had a shawty not too far from Bay Plaza in Co-Op City, so I had her run through and pick my joints up. Back then, Jordans didn't sell out like they do now, but only certain spots carried certain sizes. Bottom line, I rocked my joints back then, religiously. You could say it was a "Shoe Religion" for me. But it was something about the 13's in particular that was amazing. 
Back in '97, remember, there was NO SNEAKER that looked like the 13's. These joints looked like you was about to walk on the moon. The side panels reminded me of the inside of the Space Shuttle, and the tumble Leather hadn't been used since the Jordan III's. But, it was the HOLOGRAM on the upper side panels of these kicks that gave it that "Ric Flair". When the light hit that Hologram just right, it looked like it was glowing! I loved my 13's with a passion Sun, for real. 
Then I found out Tinker Hatfield's inspiration came from the Black Panther, and it gave the 13's a whole different meaning! The sole was patterned after the Black Panther's paws. The Hologram was a take from it's eyes that "Glow in the dark." When I heard this, I could see how Tinker used that vision to create this shoe. I could also see how he kept with the Air Jordan "In Flight" pattern that he gave the sneakers all those years prior to the 13's droppin'.  I mean, the Air Jordan 13's are still a well-crafted pair of sneakers that have a timeless look to this very day. 
Easily one of my favorites hands-down, I'm one OG thats happy to see these make an official comeback for those that love their kicks like I do. Salute.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #ILoveMyKicks #TheSagaContinues

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