Saturday, April 13, 2013

You would have some BIG shoes to fill if you thought you could out do Shaq in April. 16 days after the Los Angeles Lakers retired his number 34 jersey in Staples Center, Reebok is gettin' ready to re-enter as a top contender in the basketball sneaker department with the return of the Shaq Attaq's.  
On April 19th, we will see the return of a sneaker once worn by the "Greatest Center" in his rookie years, playing for the Orlando Magic. Back when Shaq was pulling down 19 rebounds a game, dropping at least 20 points in those days. Swizz Beatz is helping reconstruct Reebok, and giving us the Shaq Attaq's allows us to re-live not only the history that comes with these kicks, but to salute the man that gave them its status.  Mark your calendar, coming to all Reebok retailers near you. Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #ShaqAttaq #ComingBack

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