Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jay-Z is one who opened many doors for our culture. Through music, Shawn Carter branched off into Clothing, which gave us Rocawear. Rocawear was a multi-million dollar empire that everyone was watching. That includes Reebok, who signed Jay to lucrative sneaker deal. It was the first time in the history of the company, that Reebok signed an entertainer. When the S. Dot Collection dropped in 2003, the response was clear. The S. Dot Collection sold out on the first day of its release, showing the star power of its namesake. 
The S. Dot featured a buttersoft leather upper, that was reminiscent of the Gucci sneakers of the mid 1980's. In fact, Reebok released a few colorways that were parallel to Gucci. This gave the S. Dot Collection a great look on the streets. Reebok released a mid top of the S. Dot in 2004, which also sold very well. 
Now that frequent Jay-Z collaborator Swizz Beatz is spearheading a new era at Reebok (which is owned by Adidas), we would like to see the S. Dot Collection make a comeback. Jay-Z is important to our culture, and has since branched off into Real Estate ventures, liquor, and The S. Carter Foundation, which gives inner-city kids a chance for a brighter future. The S. Dot Collection would be a nice retro to see for the summer of 2013. Make it happen Swizz!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #ThrowbacksWeLove

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