Sunday, July 14, 2013

Here at KickGame DVD, we normally don't dive into politics, so not to take light from the positive energy we put into our sneaker culture and lifestyle. However, the Trayvon Martin case put a spotlight on our community. By community, I mean every person considered a "minority" living in the hood. Trayvon's dad didn't live in the hood, but a nice area with townhomes, giving his children something better.
When you look at Trayvon's face, he is our son, our brother, our cousin, our relative. The verdict in this case shows that racism is still a strong factor in our country. Let us not forget Yusef Hawkins, a brother from Brooklyn who went into Bensonhurst to see a female friend, only to be beaten with bats then forced onto the freeway to avoid the white mob that didn't want him in their community. Abner Louima, who was forced into a bathroom in the police precinct, only to have his teeth knocked out and a plunger stuck into his body. Sean Bell, who was celebrating his upcoming wedding with friends, only to be targeted by racist undercover cops who took his life. Let us not forget Jordan Davis, who was riding with friends who stopped at a gas station , only to have a white man pump 9 shots into their SUV because he didn't like the music coming out of their truck. History has a way of repeating itself in this country.
It is unfortunate that "race" plays a part in everything in America. I've had the privilege of traveling abroad to different countries, and the "race" thing is much different . Blacks are embraced more in other countries than here in America. It is sad that in this country, that is supposed to be progressive, is still stuck in the 1960's. Today is a new day, and it is time for those in our hood to wake up. If we stop buying clothes, gas, and other items that we feel to have to support our lavish lifestyle, we can send a message to those that deem our lives are worthless. When their pockets are lighter because we stopped spending, they will have no choice but to RESPECT us. RESPECT. It's what we deserve as citizens of this country.
I'm disappointed, to say the least, that the justice system did not work. We should be judged on the content of our character, who we are as PEOPLE, not the color of our skin. The ladies on the jury felt the guy who did it was innocent? How? He got out of his car, after being instructed not to. He followed Trayvon Martin, and it was Trayvon who was defending himself from what he thought was a stalker or pervert.You can skip me with South Beach, and Miami, and Disney World. No Florida for me. Never again. It's a very sad time in this country, and we will take this time to reflect on where we go from here. Thank you. The KickGame DVD Family

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