Friday, August 23, 2013

1985. My moms took me to Modell's on Fordham Road to cop the OG colorway, which was the red, black, and white. On the way home, we stopped by this store on the corner, which had this Air Jordan poster that I needed. When I got home, I immediately put it on the wall, and stared at the poster and the sneakers until I went to sleep. All I could think about was "flying" to school the next day. 
Everyday, I just stared at the poster, wondering how he does it. How could he suspend himself in mid-air? There were no immediate answers, but how he defied the laws of physics was just amazing. Evry time he played, you wanted to watch. It didn't matter if the other team was garbage, you didn't care. All you wanted to see was number 23 "Fly". Hard to believe it's been 28 years since he first took off from the Nike launching pad. While many great players are vaguely remembered, only a hand few are mentioned in the same vein as Mike.
28 years, and his sneakers have a life of its own. Nike's success was built on Jordan, and his kicks are as special as the sauce on a Big Mac. Just imagine, most players can only dream of leaving a legacy like this behind. Mike will live forever through his sneakers. In 28 years, your kids will have kids that will ask about Jordan. His sneakers have transcended time, and for that alone, will always be the root of the sneaker culture. Salute.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #TheGreatLegacy

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