Tuesday, November 5, 2013

 On November 5th, Julius Erving, known to all basketball fans as the legendary "Dr. J", will release a tell-all memoir revealing all aspects of his life. The Doc had many triumphs, as well as tragedies. His on-court heroics, as well as off-court relationships are all told in his own words.
 Dr. J played for a few teams, starting in the ABA, which later became what we know now as the NBA. It was Philadelphia where Dr. J made history. His high-flying acrobats, spectacular dunks, and ability to "hang in the air" was just a few of the tricks that made him a legend.
 I wish we could see what they had on their feet. This is an iconic picture, with two of the greatest to ever play standing side-by-side. Jordan in his rookie year, and Dr. J only a few years away from passing the torch to young Mike.
The Sixers and the Lakers was only one of the rivalries shared during the mid-80's. It was the rivalry between Larry Bird and the Celtics and Julius Erving and the Sixers that really stands out this very day. Dr. J was fiercely competitive, and his passion for the game sometimes got the best of him.
Outlining details of his different marriages, his children, as well as the death of his son, this autobiography will capture the true basketball fans who remember the ERA and the legacy that Dr. J left behind. 
His book goes on sale today, November 5th. Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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