Monday, November 4, 2013

 The world-famous Albee Square Mall, made famous by Biz Markie and T.J. Swan on Biz's album, "Goin' Off" in 1988 (The Golden Era). You could catch Biz and Big Daddy Kane here on any given day.
 Empire Skating Rink was the place to be for everybody in the city. Empire was made famous by M.C. Lyte in 1987. You could catch Lyte and the Audio Two here, as well as Just-Ice and Stetsasonic. (Real dudes know who Just-Ice is!!)
 Downtown Brooklyn, and Conway's was one of the spots.
 My parents got all my early FRESH from May's (way before Macy's).
 Macy's in present day BK.
If you were DJ'ing, you got most of your records from Beat Street. If you were hungry, you got a Roti from Ali's Roti Shop, or some Currant Rolls from Allan's Bakery. That still goes down!!
 Ali's Roti Shop is still a staple in the hood. A popular Trini eatery that holds it down any time of day.
If you know about Allan's Bakery, you know you gotta be there early on a Sunday to cop your currant rolls and coconut bread, or you'll have to wait a few hours, or come back on Monday!
These are the things that make Brooklyn special. I should say the REAL Brooklyn, not what it is today. There's no respect for the older generation any more, no respect for where you live. The neighborhood is changed, so have the people. I wish we could bring it back to the good ol' days. That's the Brooklyn I know. BK is in my blood.  Cali "O" & Mello  #TeamKickGame #RealHeadsUnderstand

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