Saturday, November 16, 2013

 Ladies, we got you covered when it comes to that exclusive top-shelf! Nike is paying attention to the female sneaker market, and the highly successful wedge sneaker idea is being taken to new heights, with the release of the "Liquid Gold" Collection.
 The entire upper of these kicks feature a "liquid Gold" leather, with the Swoosh, stitching, and Nike signature covered in Gold, while standing out at the same time.

 The "Liquid Gold" Air Max 90's were released in mid-October, at select Nike accounts in the United States and Europe. These sneakers also feature the all-Gold leather, but it is the detail in the stitching and the overlay of the leather that make these a "golden classic".
Look for the hi-top "Liquid Gold" wedge sneakers if you want to stunt this holiday season. These are hittin' for $200, while the low top "Liquid Gold" Air Max 90's are going for $140. Both of these kicks are gonna be hard to find in a minute, so make sure you cop yours early. I'm sure both will be gone by Black Friday!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #GoldSaga

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