Wednesday, January 15, 2014

 There's just some things we'll never understand. As an OG, I look at this, and I'm puzzled. A pair of Drake's "OVO" Air Jordan 10's are on eBay right now, and the going bid is at $100,000! Now, before I go on, scroll down and look at these kicks:
 From the side profile, we can see they used a tumbled leather, which is cool. For the midsole panels and lace panel exterior, Jordan Brand used the textured "lava rock"  leather that was first introdued on the "Altitude" 13's.
 The insoles feature Drake's signature "OVO" owl in both shoes.
 The sole features a grimy, dirty, gel sole (it comes like that..smh)
In my opinion, there's nothing that stands out that would make a REAL sneakerhead want these kicks. The Doernbecher 10's has so much detail in the design, Jordan Brand transformed the game with that sneaker. The first Air Jordan 10 to rock with the gel sole. But these? I don't see anything that screams exclusive.
Now, go to eBay and look these kicks up. I couldn't make this up. $100,000. HypeBeast is taking over like aliens. If they can skyrocket the price to almost buying a house, then what's next? The $h!t is disgusting.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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