Thursday, April 17, 2014

 Another pair of old-school kicks I had back in '88 and '89. These Air Trainers were one of the first non-Jordan Nike's to feature Elephant print. What made me want these kicks, more than anything, was the colorway. Back then, we were rockin' our Black Medallions, learning our culture, embracing our heritage, and walking with pride. So the Red, Black, and Green stood out to me, in a X-Clan type of way.
These were the ones that defined who I was in that era. As I type this, I'm thinking back to the straight leg Lee Jeans, the button down shirts (early) and my black bracelet and Black medallion runnin around the entire city. I got so many compliments in these kicks, and they meant so much to me. When I found these pictures, I said "great minds think alike!!" 
Another pair that I would love to see come back in its original form (no strap) and colorway. That elephant print was more than you saw on an Air Jordan sneaker at that time. Now its one of the most popular prints on kicks these days. If you could rewind time for just a hot second, I would go back to 1988 through 1990. Some of the best years for Hip-Hop and fashion.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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