Saturday, May 3, 2014

 Pound for pound, Mayweather is one of the illest to ever put on the gloves. Tonight is a different story. He is fighting another champion, Maidana. This is EPIC!!
 It was 5 months ago when Adrian Broner got his ass whooped by Maidana, losing his title. Maidana charged him like a bull the entire fight. Dude is a beast. Money Mayweather is no slouch. He's known for dancing around the ring, not getting a scratch on him. He's smooth like Sugar Ray, with the power of Marvin Hagler. Yet, we don't know if his dance moves will be enough to stay away from Maidana. This is a fight I really want to see!!
Prepare yourself for battle. Two great fights before Mayweather and Maidana match up, as Adrian Broner tries to prove his loss to Maidana was a fluke. Broner has alot riding on the table. So does Mayweather. Could we see him take a fall in his first fight? Besides Pacquiao, I believe Maidana is going to give Floyd a run for his money. After all, this is Las Vegas! Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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