Wednesday, May 7, 2014

 Let me start by saying I have the utmost respect for this man right here. Not only is he an outstanding basketball player, he is a man who gives credit to his team, and his mother. Without those two key elements, we probably wouldn't see the MVP he is today.
 His stats. Off the chart. 29 points per game, 9 rebounds, and almost 4 assists in every game. For so many years, Kevin Durant's numbers were overshadowed by LeBron. Yet, Durant remained consistent. This season was all his, and he worked hard for it.

 His acceptance speech? Well said. KD recognized his entire squad, giving Westbrook a great look and alot of credit for his being at that podium. I salute any real boss, who knows he couldn't be on top without a great team behind him.

My nephews, Jolon and Madden 2K are both huge fans of KD's game and his signature kicks. There's a solid connection between KD and the kids around the globe that love him. His humility. He's not afraid to tell you why he's in the greatest position in basketball. He's not afraid to tell you how he got there. Kevin Durant is solid. He's our M.V.P.  Salute.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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