Searching For "Air Carnivore" Green..

Friday, April 30, 2010

"If American Apparel doesn't have the color, then it's Not looking Good!"
" Which Green would you pick?.."
" Are Jersey's really over? cause I'm ready to bring them back with this!!"
I have been on a mission trying to find the perfect green to match the Nike Air Carnivores. So I took a trip to American Apparel to find it because (if you don't know) they have every color under the sun. I examined about nine different shades of green. I saw "sea foam, lime, mint, grass, Kelly green, forest, olive, army, evergreen, heather forest & more". It started feeling like I was taking "SAT'S". But I did find something!! What green would you pick?
By the way tell me this old school "Milwaukee Bucks" jersey isn't looking NIIIICE!! with the "Carni's". I think jerseys are still dope! but you can't be trying to have the whole NBA/NFL. One of your favorite player/team is cool.

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