Throwback Thursday: The Air Jordan "Playoff" 8's+ Bulls Starter Jackets!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

1993 NBA Finals-" Sir Charles/The Bad Boy -VS- His Airness/The Golden Boy "

" Look at the tribal print on the inner bootie/sock..Sick!"
Bulls Starter Jackets- " I think it's safe to say , I think everbody has at least 1 pair of Jordans to match one of these..."

After watching Lebron & the Cavs take advantage of the Chicago Bulls to move on to the second round of the playoffs, it hurt to watch what was once my favorite team get humiliated by Cleavland. I began to think about when I started to really like basketball & I followed the Bulls for the whole "92-93" season. That season "Charles Barkley" was killing the league, & he was awarded MVP. He also lead the Suns to the finals where they would be facing the two time defending champion Bulls. The battle was epic & by game two Barkley & Jordan had set a record becoming the first opposing players to score 40 points each in a game. While both players would end the game with 42 it was Mike who got what mattered most the victory & the championchip!.

While playing for his third straight championchip Mike wore what is now known as the "playoff" 8s. These were so crazy! the style was already futuristic but the bright tribal style print on the inside was a subtle but huge change from the previous two 8's. These Air Jordan 8's retroed in 2007. Like most black & red OG's they flew off the shelves in no time. I remember "Jordan Haters" saying the Barkleys were better than the (playoff) 8's. They probably wouldn't say that right now, lol.

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