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Thursday, May 27, 2010

" You Know Who It Is!!!!! "
" ONLY KINGS HAVE RINGS!!! "- Real Talk...
What's up everyone! I back off hiatus... I got alot of emails from readers asking me "Why aren't you talking about your Lakers?". Well I'm back to talk to you but first I have to get into this Kobe t-shirt. Off top " this might be the Sickest Kobe tee that I've ever seen to date!". You have to appreciate art to understand the level of Freshness this is. The t-shirt features a hand sketched picture of the "Black Mamba" wearing a crown tilted to the side on some "Notorious BIG" type $h!t. Note that its sketched in Lakers "Gold & Purple"!..However the plot thickens, the back features a hand resembling Kobe's with a 4 rings & a taped up index finger. It also features the clever quote " Only Kings Wear Rings". This tee comes from "The Forest Lab" & it's available now @
Now as far as my Lakers dropping two games in Phoenix, Game 3 he Suns played like a team who's back is against the wall & that momentum just flowed into Game 4. Now the series is split " 2-2" which leads us to tonight's "Pivotal Game 5!". The difference between Kobe & everybody else including his teammates is he truly knows & understands the magnitude of this game. That's why Kobe will go into this battle tonight like "Lionitis" & lead his 3oo soldiers into victory!!

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