Happy Born Day- "The King Of New York!" (B.I.G. would have been 38 today)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday "BIG"!!,
Today you would have been 38 year old, it's been 13 years & I still can't believe your gone (4 real). As I sit down & tearfully write you this open letter, I think about growing up & watching you "inspire & teach" the whole East Coast how to be what we now call a "Boss!!" back then it was the "Don!!!". Aside from being the flyest dude ever ( custom made Versace button downs!! YESSIR) you showed me that " a team is only as strong as their leader!!". And you unquestionably had the sickest team but you were the head on "Voltron".

Now that I'm doing my thing, I wanna say thanks for inspiring me & laying out the blueprint. As I get ready for "Sneaker Con" tomorrow & "DXC" on Sunday. I want you to know that I'm gonna put on for the whole NYC as I always do. I know your watching!! & you see how I've grown but like you said in 1996 "Listen had to change my position/ From wanting to be large/ To Head N!gg@ In Charge!!!!". WORD!

One Love, KickGame-Mello
P.S. "Curse the day that birthed the Bastard, Who caused your church mass!!!". As long as there's Hip Hop there's "Notorious B.I.G.".

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Cottonmanep said...

U a ill motherfucker!!!

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