Is This What You Wanted To See? Lakers Take Semi Finals Game 1

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grant Hill's "Ankles" are still on the court!!-Million Dollah Rah (This play was a "Trending Topic" on Twitter last night) This what Kobe's been doing for the past 6 Days! (SLEEPING!!)
My Dude "Shannon Brown" tried to posterize Jason Richardson! Look at Kobe's
Look at this "Weirdo", he looks like he's straight outta the "Thriller" video!
This is the rest of his team...
The pre-game analyses was that "Robin Lopez" will be the big difference! LMAO...
Where do I start? Kobe Bryant didn't play or practice in "6 Days", he also had a significant amount of fluid drained from his knee. The dude still comes out & scores 40 points!. Which now puts in in the top 5 player to EVER score 30 points & better for the first 6 playoff games!. Now he's going for 7 "ya digg?". All you HATERS who want Kobe to loose "just because your team got bumped EARLY" can KICK ROCKS WITH OPEN TOE SHOES!!!!!.
They kept talking about how great shape "Grant Hill" is in right now. Well Kobe had to remind them that "Great Shape" means nothing when your playing the greatest player on the planet!!. Kobe came down court & hit Grant Hill with a "Killer Crossover" that put him face first on the floor! LMAO..That was so sweet!! Cant wait for game 2, so we can put another Slapping on these dudes!.

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