La Da-Da-Da/ La Da-Da-Da/ Hey- Hey- Hey!!!!! pt.2

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

" I Need The Broom For This One...." FACT: The highly venomous" Black Mamba " is feared because of its quickness & readiness to bite. One bite have enough venom to kill 10 humans!!.
" How much time did that Idiot wast making that sign!!"

" Don't Cry son... It's gonna be like this for a while!!" -Kobe
Goodbye!!!!! The "Lake Show" closed out the Jazz last night 4 games to 0.Kobe is shooting over 50% right now & averaging over 30 points a game (with a Broken finger). Next we play the Suns in the conference finals.. 8 WINS AWAY FROM THE REPEAT!!! Let's go.

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