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Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Boston is depending on their "Young Bwoy"(Rondo) to lead them to Glory!! LMAO
Eyes on the prize!

"The Black Mamba!"
"Good Bye!!!!!!" Last night "The Lake Show" closed out the Phoenix Suns in 6 Games. The Lakers lead by Kobe Bryant's 37 points. The game was good but Kobe had to put in the final dagger! hitting a contested jumper over Grant Hill with 34.2 seconds left to play. The final score was 111-103.
"I've always thought he was the best player in basketball. He didn't do anything in this series against us to make me think otherwise. As a matter of fact, he probably solidified my thought process as to he's the best player in basketball right now!"
- Alvin Gentry (Suns head coach)
Another one bites the dust!!!

So let me take a guess, everybody who wanted Phoenix to win is now going for the "Celtics"? LOL..

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