Friday, May 14, 2010

My Big Brother always told me: " When people show you who they are believe them!" " Just watching it slip away!"
So much for that "Expert Analyses"!!
Lebron makes him Team better!!..Yeah "Better Bench Warmers!!"
"Say Cheese!!"..
Next few weeks well hire him to take our Championchip Pics!!
"Do You Really Want These Shoes?"
"Your 2 time MVP LEGONE JAMES!!"..
Last night the Cleveland Crabs couldn't even manage to make it out the second round of the playoffs. Okay now let me ask you something, Do you think Lebron "Lived Up To The Moment" last night?......Did he look like someone who was the 2 time MVP?... Did he look like the man who's team boasted about having the Best Record 2 Years in a row?.
I remember during the first round Bull series the experts were talking about "how focused" Lebron was. What happened? I'll tell you, "Pressure Bust Pipes!" straight up. Lebron doesn't posses the killer instincts that all the greats have. Now everybody trying to say Lebron doesn't have any help!. C'MON SON!! Let's be serious, Lebron has gotten Everything that he wants as a player. He has 3 7 footer's on his team (Ilgauskas, Varejao,& Shaq) they got "Shaq" just because "Dwight Howard" was killing him last year!. All-Star "Mo Williams" was having a career season. "Antwon Jamison, JJ Hickson, & Anthony Parker" were all doing there thing this season. However when they got a little bit of competition their true colors came out (once again).
This his how you know it's a un-even playing field. Right now they re acting like somebody died on "Sports Center"! LMAO. These dudes are supposed to be bias! but everybody LOVES "LEGONE JAMES" & Hates " Kobe ". Why does everybody Hate Kobe? probably because he sent you favorite player home year after year!! LOL. Everybody who LOVES Kobe knows he would NEVER do something like this. First of all the series tied 1-1 the CRABS loose "Pivotal" game 3..That was stupid, then series tied 2-2 they loose "Pivotal" game 5!! WOW. Now they would have had to win 2 games straight to clinch the series. All because he didn't "Live Up To The Moment" either time!!. Man, F#%K the speculation "Talks Over"!!!! See You Next Year..


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I love this post! KickGame is da truth!

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