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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Throw ya hands in the a-yeah/ If you's a True Pla-ya!! "This is what that 22 point playoff Smacking had ya boi looking like.."
" What happen to the Robot dance last night son?...LOL!!

The Cavs got slapped last night I mean Slapped!.LOL Boston put a "Royal" beat down on "King James"!,the Celtics had up to a 30 point lead. In what could have been Lebron James's last game in Cleavland he had 15 points & shot 3/14 from the field. I saying people loose games all the time but the way they lost last night said alot. If you remember what I told you about all the people who are considered great, they always "live up to the moment". I respect "D Wade" because in what could have been his last game playing for the "Miami Heat", he threw his team on his back. They were down 3 games to 0 & instead of getting swept at home he dropped 46 points in a 101-92 win. "D Wade" lived up to the moment! & that's why he got a championchip. So now all you Lebron fans have to hope that he has what it takes to force a game 7!. The you have to hope they can win because obviously Home Court advantage makes no difference. After watching that game last nigh do you really believe that Lebron can win the next two games straight? well only time will tell my friends...LOL!!.

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Anonymous said...

that's why lebron will NEVER BE like MIKE!

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