Nike Air Carnivore LE – Black/Red/Gold ( New Pics!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ohh Wee!! These pics of the latest Nike Air Carnivore's in Blk/Red/Gold , are incredible!. Alot of people were complaining about trying to find gear to match the previous colorway. Well this time around they're dropping them in a more "everyday" colorway. That white really makes them pop (IMO), These will go Niiice with some tan/khaki cargo's & a "good" tee!. I say shorts because that white ankle strap is gonna get "Murdered" by denim stains!!.. (Everybody who rocks heavy rinsed denim knows what I'm talking about).
Expect these to start circulating in the next couple weeks!!(June.11,2010 to be exact! $115)

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