Shout Out To My Boi "RCH89"- He pop the tag on his "Infamous Tee"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nike Air Humara's to match his tee!! "RCH89" said- "These Nike Trainer 1's were his first option, buthe went with the Humara's"
"Caaannn Youuu Diiig IIIIIt?......."
Someone asked me yesterday, "what do you mean by KickGame is the exclusive circle?". I'm talking about the Freshest,Coolest & Cleanest people on earth running on one team. For example look at my boi "RCH89" our 100th FOLLOWER. He won a KickGame T-Shirt & since I was feeling how he "Put On" for his city (Akron,Ohio) I threw in a extra tee. This one was a Nike Sportswear shirt with pictures of stacked boxes from different era's, with the words "the infamous" across the back.
Now a regular dude would just wear it with whatever. This dude "RCH89" went on a hunt for the right footwear to rock with it. Notice what his first option was a pair of Nike Trainer 1's "Vintage Box" edition. Can you digg it? he didn't find them but the thought, just the way of thinking makes puts him ahead of the class. And that's my "Akron" connect, so imagine when he hits the Big City!. This is "KICKGAME DVD" which = "The Exclusive Circle".

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