Sneaker Con NYC 2010 Re-Cap PT.1

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Pushead" Nike Dunk SB's!!
This dude is everywhere!! lol (What up my dude) Vintage " Mike " from Brooklyn! " KAWS " Display!!

"Shells" peeping the scene.. Attention: The Blue Lobsters with limited edition packaging were spotted!
"SB's" On Deck!!!!
We call these joints the "Air Total Foamposite Max"!
Shout Out To: " City Sole " who brought out straight fire!.
"City Sole Crew"- Footwear!!
My young bwoyz call this the " Peanut Butter & Jelly " swagg!!!
"You Already Know"! These wear the title right now 5/24/10!!
These are some of my favorite flavors Sneaker Con had to offer. I was searching for those " Blue Lobster Dunk SB's in that packaging". The "Kaws" exhibit was pretty Dope, it was like a exclusive toy store. I know you see all that vintage goodness on my man Mike's table. What I really liked about Sneaker Con was selection's you see, from old school to joint's that haven't even dropped yet!. Shout out to homie from Brooklyn rockin the "Air Max 24-7's!!", he wasn't stingy with the info at all!! lol. That's what's up, for that I saute you.

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