Sneaker Con NYC Re-Cap "To My KickGame DVD Team"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Family: My *Favorite* Aunt! "Auntie Lorna!, Neeks, Jolo, Mello, Tiesha, & Wifey! ( We were hustling up the block!! lol) The Team (L-R): Charles, Cottonman, Rocky, Kerwayne, Dez aka "FlyKickz", Jexon, & Mello!
The "Coolest Kids" in my hood (L-R)- "Stan Smith" & " Peanut "
" It's only right!!"
Shells & Mello!!
"Alex V" -One of our two photographers!!
Wifey aka "My 1st. Lady" & Ya Boi!!
I didn't even know she had these on deck! " You go girl!!" (Martin voice). The unreleased "Chilli" Nike Air Max 24-7's!!! YESSIR...
"Marc Milli" & "Million Dollah Rah"
Did you notice my dude "Shells" cement print Nike SB fitted?
BA-BA BODY YA!!! He was also rockin the "Cement" P Rod 2's with the matching Stark Laces..Pay Attention- & Learn!!
(L-R) - Alex, Vic & Me
Sneaker Con NYC 2010...KickGame Clique!!
To My KickGame DVD Family,
I have to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate everyone of you. Without each one of your help I wouldn't have been able to touch
as many people as we did. Sometimes you hear athletes saying that "their team is like a family!". Well I literally have my family on my team! I want to say thanks to "Wifey" for coming out & to support me as always. My Aunt "Auntie Lorna" & cousin "Neeks"(I have some better pics of you I have to load them..It's gonna be Niiice!). Thanks to "Tiesha" & "Kerwayne" who never hesitate to come all the way from Delaware to support the movement. Shout out to "Steve" the pictures are official, & "Rocky" holding it down for ya big bro "Philly Keyz" who's O.T. Speaking of O.T (out of town) Shout out to Dane Cody!!.
To my new connects thanks to every body who came through. "Shells"(BROOKLYN)- your dedication got moving up fast! let's get it. "Charles"(Bronx) - I really like how eager you are to learn about everything & you ask if you don't know,hats the best way to learn the game my dude!. Marc Milli & Million Dollah Rah (Queens)- I like how ya'll represent!! 4 Real,"On To The Next One!". "Stan Smith" & "Peanut" aka The Cool ("Crown Heights"-Brooklyn)- You two always represent for the "Brook"!(Leaders Of The New School). "Alex" (Queens)- You really did your thing & you were rolling right with the flow!.
Thanks to you all & everybody that I didn't get to take a picture with (I'll get you next time). "Loyalty Is Priceless!", Making Sure The "KICKGAME" Ship Is Never Sinking!!.
-KickGame Mello

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