This just in.. The "LAKER'S 6's" are in circulation!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

JEZUS!!!! That 3M looking "Rich Yung!!
"Light's Off"!!
My homie "from long time" lol, "Shady" sent me this pic he said he forgot to add these in with the "Un-Released Grey & Royal Blue Air Max 95's" he copped this weekend. H there we have another pair of Un-Released shoes this one comes as the Air Jordan retro 6 "Laker's" edition. This shoe doesn't officially drop until "May.15" but as you can see "this guy" doesn't like release dates. These 6's are sick & the "Light's On, Light's Off" effect of the 3M material is bananas!! If your interested in a pair there available now at

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