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Saturday, September 4, 2010

I remember being in school & feeling excited about going back after summer break. As I got older one of my favorite reasons to go back to school was to show off my New Gear!! lol. My Mom's would take me to buy my clothing & my Dad would take me to buy my Kicks!. Which was perfect for me because my Mom's always felt like you pay for quality. So I stayed with the freshest Guess Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica & Polo!!. But when it came to Sneakers she felt like spending over $100 on Kicks was preposterous.

Now my Dad honestly he just wanted to make me happy, so he bought me whatever I wanted. I remember driving home with him & he was like "Don't tell your Mom how much we paid for these!!" lol. However he though wearing certain designer clothes make you look like a "Hoodlum".. lmao. So it was all good until the summer of 1996!. I was walking on the wrong path so my Dad gave my Mom's Full Control of my back to school budget!!.

So I was going to 8th grade Senior Year! I had patiently waited for this moment for two years. Me & my crew were already poppin from 7th grade, it was on!. I knew exactly what sneakers I wanted to get. The Nike Air More Uptempo aka the "AIR" Pippen's, now these shoes were $150. My Mom's wasn't trying to hear it, Word! this was her chance to teach me a $100 lesson lol.

These were the shoes I really wanted...$150

My mind was so set on getting these shoes that I wound up buying the "Nike Air Much" aka the cheaper version for like $90.
I went to school on the 1st day feeling funny about wearing them. I remember walking up the block & meeting my crew in front of the school & I immediately checked everybodys feet! lol. Man I saw all kinds of Nike's.. "Barry Sanders, Olympic Penny's, Jordan's & AF1's". I'm like "oh $H!T!! Ya'll got some fresh Kicks"!. My dude "Lance" aka "Gotti" (with the Barry Sanders Zoom's ) says "Yo I just came back from MIAMI & those Reggie Miller's you got on are the hottest Kicks in the hood out there!", I'm like " for real?". I got several more compliments throughout the day, even in 8th grade my peers knew I was a sneaker head & they recognize the shoes because I was wearing it. That's when I learned a valuable lesson..

The man makes the Shoes!- The Shoes don't make the man...

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