D'Wade Rockin $2,000 Jordans!.."Oh Really?"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

2004 'Retro' Air Jordan 1 Wht/Red & Blk "Patten Leather"
These are NOT $2,000 maybe $200....
Now these Original (O.G.) 1985 Air Jordan 1's can run you $2,000 & better easy...
This is the 1994 'Retro' Air Jordan 1's, " you might get these for a little bit le$$!!"
I though this was funny, MediaTakeOut.com reported that D'Wade was rockin a pair of $2,000 Air Jordan's!. As you can tell who ever wrote that is probably a new sneaker enthusiast. The J' that D'Wade is wearing is a 2004 retro Air Jordan 1 which was "patten leather" (which you can clearly see). What they thought he had on is the "O.G" Air Jordan 1's!!. There's a HUGE difference as you can see above.

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