Happy 29th Born Day : " Beyonce "

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Her B-Day is September "4th" & Jay's B-Day is December "4th"!!
P.S. "NOBODY can see her Louboutin 'Red Bottom Shoe' game!!"..
Beyonce turned 29 years old yesterday! Beyonce maintains her picture perfect image at all cost. Paparazzi would love to catch her slipping, HATERS would Love to see her in some rehab program or being sent to jail, like several other high profile celebrities. However "Bey" refuses to go out like that!!!.
Happy B-Day weekend "Bey", Keep killing these corny be-otches!!!.
And a message for "Taylor Swift"...
" Now Jay's my big brother & Bey's my lil sister"
" And excuse me, but, You Can't See My Lil Sister!!" WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
That's My Dude!!!!

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