Happy Born Day To : " Cottonman "

Thursday, September 9, 2010

You ain't gotcha neck on froze/ With the same Logo that you got sketched in ya clothes...N!gg@ Please!!! Chumps don't want it with us!!!
Cottonman has a motto that he lives by & it's his best seller..90% Grind 10% Sleep! Can you relate?....
Cottonman & the Funk Flex "2010 Car Show"!!
Today I wanna saute the man who keeps the whole team fresh!. This dude is like "Kobe" to me, I can always count on him to come through in the clutch. I might seem pretty "laid back" but when it's crunch time, I get crazy!!. The thing is he never complains , he just steps up to the plate & knocks it out the park!. Your contribution to the team is priceless boss!.

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