Jordan 6 Rings Winterized – Preview

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We don't have to wear our Foamposites in the snow anymore! NEW- Air Jordan 6 Rings "Winterized"(Black)
They will be released in three different colors!!
" These are so special!!!..."
I'm not really a boot kind of dude but winter in NYC is serious!. My Brooklyn comrads & I wear our Foamposites in the snow. I was bold enough to cop those bulky @$$ "($225) Foamposite Boots"!! lol, I cant front "I Love Them?".
Last winter Brand Jordan released a Spizike "Winterized" Boot!. Now there about to release the " 6 Rings " fusioned into a boot that will release in 3 flavors. These are called "6 Rings Winterized"!! the highlight of the (Black/Brown/ & Wheat) trio has to be the "all black" pair (IMO). No word on a release date yet but I'll keep you posted!

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