Sepetember 15,1985 "The Day That Changed Sneakers Forever!"- 25 Year's Later

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mike as a Rookie in 1985 In 1985 Mike was fined by David Stern yes "David Stern", $5,000 per game cause the shoes violated the teams uniform policy!. Even MJ needs his mom to cheer him up!!
Now 25 years later in 2010 we still celebrate the 1's!!
Prayin for these "Banned" Jordan 1 samples to be released..
The legacy continues...
Did you know that on September 15,1985 Nike released the shoe that would change the entire shape of the sneaker game. The Air Jordan 1's were Michael Jordan's first shoe & would be the shoe that "set off" the cult like following.

25 years later we are still praising the almighty "Jumpman" logo. We've seen a heap of new Air Jordan 1 releases however Jordan heads know the difference from "OG's" & "New" joint's. We all know the story of how Mike used to get fined for wearing the "Blk/Red" colorway. That's why the "Banned" samples are so dope! they just make sense. In a few weeks we'll see the Air Jordan 1's get their most futuristic makeover yet!. The Air Jordan 'Armor" 1 aka the "Jordan Foam 1's" will be released this October.
We at wanna say "Thank You" to Nike & Michael Jordan for your gift to the world.

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