Throwback Thursday: " Do You Remember..." (Nike Air Check) PT.2

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carl Payne II aka "Cock Roach" aka "Cole Brown"- Wearing the 'Nike Air Check'!
This is the other colorway I mentioned in "PT.1"
" The actual color of these are Night Blue!"
Shout out to my dude " RCH89 " ( ) who inspired me to continue the " Air Check " story. He sent me a pick of " Cole Brown " wearing the " Throwback Thursday " shoe of the day.

I know some people look at these shoes & say " No Way!" . It was the same way in 1993. Look at the colorways Nike released, No really look at them. These aren't made for just anybody.
" Remember when a Hi Top was a Hi Top? ". These are hi tops with a velcro strap & a Huarache neoprene sock line. Which equal a wicked basketball sneaker!!.

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