What They Rocking (Foamposite Edition)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NYC 'New School' Hip Hop artist - Vado (wearing Nike AF1 Foamposite) & Jae Millz (wearing Nike 'Copper' Foamposite)
My 'VA' connect "Pusha T" was spotted in the studio wearing a pair of "Nike 'Pearl' Foamposite's"
R&B singer "Dream" get props for wearing his "Nike AF1 Foamposite's" on the "Black Carpet" at the Gucci party during NYC fashion week!!.
However NOBODY has topped that brother from "DC"!! (Those " Pewter's" don't drop until MARCH!)
Now the question I ask you is, " who's really rocking them PROPER?" .

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