Who's Ready For The Jay-Z x Eminem "Yankee Stadium" Concert Tonight?...

Monday, September 13, 2010

" With the hat to match!..." (Biggie Smalls voice)
It's going down tonight if you've ever been to a Jay-Z concert you know the #1 rule is to "expect the unexpected!". When Kanye comes out with Nicki Manaj & they do 'Monster' it's gonna be crazy, but when he does "EMPIRE STATE OF MIND" & Alicia Keys better be their (pregnant & all) this is some historical. Yankee Stadium doesn't have a roof so this concert is gonna echo thought the whole city (okay maybe just the Bronx).
I don't think Jay is gonna bring out a "All Star Game" but I do believe he will bring out somebody legendary from NY (hopefully NAS) or (WU-TANG). Eminem's definitely bringin out "50 Cent & G-Unit". You Already Know "Diddy runs the city!", so I'm sure he'll be on stage for this historical hip hop moment tonight.
Shout out to Big Bro "Cali O".. I see your package landed!!

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