Air Jordan XI Cool Grey Pinnacle Backpack

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grey patten leather bottom.. Just how close is this backpack to the "Cool Grey 11's?"..
Clear clips to mimic the "icy sole", also notice the "Jordan Jumpman" code on top the front pouch!
Peep the white zipper to mimic the laces!..
Grey doesn't look exactly the same but "do you really care?"
Air Jordan "Cool Grey" 11's- December 23,2010 (As if you really need a reminder!)
Most of the time a dope accessory can really enhance your outfit & that's exactly what Brand Jordan has set for the "Cool Grey 11's". Take a good gander at the "Air Jordan Cool Grey Pinnacle Backpack". This backpack was made for you to bang with your "Cool Grey's" on winter days!. The grey tones are not exactly the same however the bag is gonna look crazy with the kicks!. The bag is releasing this November so you guys can add this to your "Hit List".

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