DO REMEMBER: "Sneaker Con" is Next Saturday (Oct.16,2010) + KickGame T-Shirts Will Be Available!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

For the first time ever KickGame T-Shirts will be available to the public!!
Let the world know that your part of "The Exclusive Circle!!"
We will also be taking orders for custom hoodies & sweatshirts!
Next this coming Saturday(October 16,2010) is "Sneaker Con" & I'm really excited about having a table!. For the first time you're gonna see me on the other side of the table. Sneaker Con is one of the most official sneaker conventions in NYC, so why not make it the place where we debut our new KickGame t-shirts!.

If you're planning on attending Sneaker Con get there early because the line gets crazy out there!. Even though I'm gonna have a table still expect to see the whole clique moving around the spot showing Love to fellow "FRESHMEN" & ladies in the building.
Remember there are "3 Rules" to the "Sneaker Con Dress Code"....
Rule #1- " You must rock heat on your feet!!"
Rule #2- " You must rock heat on your feet!!"
Rule #3- " You must rock heat on your feet!!"

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