Nike Zoom Kobe V ‘5 Rings’ -VS- Nike Zoom Kobe IV (4) – 4 Rings!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

These are the Zoom Kobe V- "5 Rings".. These are Zoom Kobe IV (4)- "4 Rings" these were nothing to sleep on.
Kobe fans will have the opportunity to cop the Nike Zoom Kobe V "5 Rings" very soon. Much like the Zoom Kobe IV(4) "4 Rings" the shoes feature a purple/yellow gradient color scheme. However this time its only featured on the sole of the shoe, & the upper is covered with "5 Ring Graphic Print". The insole features the letters "MVP" to represent, you already know..

I liked the "4 Rings" but I Love the "5 Rings"!. The Zoom Kobe V's are way more sleek, their almost seamless design always looks clean. Even when you add the graffiti like graphic design their still "clean". Stay tuned for info as it comes in.

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