Throwback Thursday: " The 1987 GUCCI Sneakers" + They're Back!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Classic 1987 GUCCI "Lace Up" Sneakers - Available Now $375 http://GUCCI.COM
The years 1987 Jordan's are hot but sneaker heads have to consistently stay ahead of their peers. These classic GUCCI sneakers were the shoe that sent your status through the roof!. Plus this was back when not just anybody could come through rockin Freshness if you couldn't hold it down. "You would be walking home in your socks!" if you wasn't official
on the streets.
Jay-Z gave us his version with the S.Carter 'Reebok' in 2004. I always herd the "OG's" saying that "the S.Carter's were a replica of the classic GUCCI sneakers!". Now seeing them side by side the proof is undenyable. The power of the street/ Hip Hop culture is so impactful that hi fashion designer GUCCI has retroed the sneakers which are available now on their web site for $375.
Shout out to "All the OG's on my block (Fats, Sev,Krashone,Clay ,Ed etc..)who have been waiting to see this moment! I got you..".

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