To My "KickGame Team".....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Uncle & Aunt came through to represent!
Dcypol-(Manhattan), Sportz-(Brooklyn), Jay Rich-(Queens)
Ty Money -Jolo-Kid So Fresh
My Big Bro "Strategy" was also in the building! It's one thing to "come up with a plan", but to really make it happen is what separates "Fact from Fiction", "Dreams from Reality". Everyone of you have played a part in making this event successful. From setting up the table, to passing out flyer's, to taking pictures you guys did whatever was needed for things to go right. I wanna say Thanks for holding me down & I promise not to let any of you down. Our "Progress" is undeniable & as we continue to execute our plans theirs only one way to go..."Straight To The Top!".
When I say "The Top" I don't want anybody to feel like where coming to wipe anybody out, because that's far from what I mean. If you've ever seen KickGame in a venue you know what we do. We come to show Love & highlight the freshest of the fresh people in the building. However the sneaker game needs some guidance, for example dudes walking around "trying to sell people dirty a$$ kicks" that's a NO-NO!!. We're here to inspire & teach the youth, while still giving the "Older Gods" their (well deserved) respect.

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