Brandon Jennings’ Signature Shoe: Under Armour "Micro G Light"

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update: " Some people said they couldn't see where the GUCCI colors were in the pics below. Notice the deliberate "Green/Red/Green" GUCCI style lace loop on the tongue!".. Is it me, or do these shoes look like some "GUCCI/JORDAN 11's"????? SERIOUSLY...This is the difference between NIKE & everybody else! "You know why Jordan's are the sickest line of shoes ever?...because you never saw a pair of J's that reminded you of another shoe!, They set the standard."
Ayo what's up with this dude "Brandon Jennings" new signature sneakers?. This $h!t looks like he walked into a room with the designers & said, "I like the Air Jordan 11's (Blk/Red) & I like Gucci sneakers!". Nieve people will believe that their made to match his Millwakee Bucks uniform. However the exclusive circle knows better!>.

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