KickGame "Fall Fashion!" (Streets of NYC)

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Krash" Classic "B-Boy" Stance!
Polo Vancouver 2010 "Olympic" Collection..
Nike AF1 '07 Mid Supreme' (Charles Barkley)
Nike "SB" Varsity Jacket!
with the "Crooks & Castles" double lock fitted!..
And a pair of "Gucci color" P-Rod II's!..
Friday night the KickGame team was running around Harlem. I just wanted to take a minute to show you how we do it. We don't just 'wear clothes', we 'rock clothes'. For example my dude the OG "Krash" came through rockin a couple "Polo Vancouver Olympic" pieces that all complimented each other (*especially his kicks*). Then on the other hand we have "Shells" who rocked a "Gucci" color scheme Nike SB jacket, Crooks & Castle fitted's, & a pair of "Gucci" P-Rod II's (with matching Starks Laces). This is no accident "Pay Attention!"..."If looks could kill- then my style might Body Ya!"....

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